Gear & Endorsements


CHARBONNEAU rhk-7 scimtar (affiliated)

As soon as I held the Scimtar-7s the feeling was electrifying. I could feel the transfer of string energy vibrating through out the body after striking the first chord. The sustain was unreal and the bends were effortless. The Scimtar-7s Deluxe Custom is truly a shredder's dream.

Airis Effects.JPG

Airis Effects Savage Drive (affiliated)

The Airis Savage Drive is my ideal pedal on stage and in the studio. It accentuates my picking attack and adds depth to my rhythm tone. A great pedal for any high gain tone chaser. Use my promo code "RHK5off" for a 5% discount!

Photo May 05, 8 08 00 PM.jpg

Rafive Guitar Picks (affiliated)

I was extremely impressed by their poly-carbonate (PC Series) jazz line of plectrums. The tonal qualities were very consistent in attack and most importantly. The feel was great when running through complex rhythm passages and scales.  

Xvive Effects Pedals (affiliated)

The V5 Delay & Maxverb are true bypass, have a rugged design, and take very little space on your pedalboard. The pair is perfect for soaring lead tones and dialing in ambient cleans. 


Xvive U2 Wireless (Affiliated)

I have been using this wireless system relentlessly on tour & it has never failed me. Switching guitars for alternate tunings on stage has never been easier! I highly recommend this unit to any guitars who's looking for a consistent, & cost effective guitar wireless system.


Powered By Omega Cabs (Affiliated)

The Powered By Omega Extended 2x12 is used on most of my videos. The cab is constructed from void free birch, a proprietary internal baffle system to reduce phasing at high volumes. The front module is easily replaceable for repair or for custom graphics. This 2x12 is currently loaded with Celestion V30 & V128 Legend by Eminence Speakers 


ENGL Amplification (Affiliated)

ENGL produces some of the best HiFi sounding amplifiers. They sound amazing live and in the studio and can be tailored to fit in any genre of music from crushing metal to smooth jazz. 

Rithiya Henry Khiev Stone Tone Rock Block.jpg


When I installed the Stone Tone Rock Block "Pro". I immediately heard the mid frequencies clear right up. The strings resonated evenly when ringing out chords, and leads became clearer without any jumping frequencies when running through complex passages.

Photo Aug 11, 9 36 33 PM.jpg


First thing I noticed was the even tension on all strings. They felt great to the touch and sounded balanced overall. They're harmonically rich with just the right emphasis on the upper mids right out of the box. I was instantly inspired to compose as soon as I struck the first chord. I highly recommend Black Harbor Strings.